Let’s explore the world of the future through the lens of a not-too-ordinary girl.

Hello Future!

What would you say to your 30-year-old self ten years prior? Maybe try writing them a letter.

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4 min readJan 22, 2022


Hey Ashi from 2032, this is Ashi from 2022!!

May this letter find you in the best of health and peace, and I really mean it this time. You probably know why Ashi from 2022, or honestly anyone from 2022, would be so cautious about health and peace. Yup, dark times, am I right? I hope there’s light at your side of the tunnel.
So, how’s 2032? Flying cars? Lol, this gives heavy “Back to the future” nostalgia; and you know what, the best part about talking to you is that you will be laughing just as much as I did because; you know right? I know you better than anyone else XD.

Lame, I know, but true nevertheless (INSIDE VOICES: see… I know you are laughing again XD). But seriously, how far have we gone in technology now? Have people started leaving Earth to reside on neighboring planets? Heyy, did they find life on Mars!!? Are you still breathing fresh air? Or are oxygen cylinders now in fashion? Oh, ya fashion! so, how many star kids has Karan Johar launched till now !?(Sorry out of context, but you know it’s important; LOL).
Too many questions, right? Well, what else can you expect? To me, 2032 is like a very distant sparkling world where everything is good, where I have achieved all I wanted to. I can see myself smiling confidently working in my dream job; Ahh, Basic human tendencies, each New Year hoping this is going to be the best year ever. But, I don’t intend to put any pressure or remorse on you because I know you are certainly inching closer, even if you are not there yet.
Anyways, let’s just get over with all this serious stuff and talk about how is it like to be thirty? Like you definitely don’t get to be the immature and confused person around anymore; I mean, now you will have to do the “mature” things and act like a real “adult.” “People” must be having so many expectations from you. I am starting to feel so relaxed and happy since I am at such a better age than you are XD. (INSIDE VOICES: But wait, I am feeling relaxed because I am not facing what you are, but you are technically me, this is confusing af, how does Doctor strange manage to do all this time stuff?!!).

I bet all that “Shaadi” stuff must have popped out by now; papa-mummy reciting it all through the day right; hold on a minute, are you married already?! Oh my God! This feels really awkward. It just gave me chills!! (INSIDE VOICES: Hey have I already met him? Ahem…actually, leave it; I’m not too fond of spoilers.)
I can’t help but wonder how much you would be different from me. Is your favorite color still blue? Or has it changed? Are Shahrukh khan and Ayushmann Khurrana still your all-time favorites, or has that changed as well?
I guess we don’t need to find our Doppelgangers in different parts of the world; instead, we can find them in our own selves as we mature and experience different tastes of life.

The Ashi from 2011 or, as a matter of fact, even from 2020 is a doppelganger for me and so am I to you. We look alike but have different personalities. (INSIDE VOICES: Thinking of the Spiderman meme where all Spidermans in the same suit point at each other… lol). But one thing is for sure; each one is a better version of the previous one.
Go girl! Achieve your dreams if you still haven’t. You are better than all of us!! And if you already have a dream again, we need to set aside tasks for Ashi from 2042, right? XD It was a pleasure talking to you. I hope this letter does find its way to your eyes and, well, your procrastinated schedule.
(And hey one last thing. If time travel is possible in 2032, please do give me a hint at exactly 19.00 hours on 19th January 2022!!)
Much love and happiness!

Your own 2022 version, signing off.

Ashi Dubey



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