College Life of the ’90s vs now

What is college life?

Wordsworth Club
3 min readMay 3, 2022
  • The fun days?
  • The career-making days?
  • The hanging out days?
  • Or dating days?

Many of you here who are a part of college life might have already been soaked with tons of expectations. Also, some dos and don’ts might always be rushing in your mind.

And then we got another set of people, giving pieces of advice based on their experiences, how it ‘is’ or how it ‘has to be’!


‘Is’ or ‘was’?

If you still think the answer is ‘is,’ then let me tell you that every tick of the clock changes the ‘time’!

The time which was before will not repeat!

Also, the situations will not repeat. Therefore, those who impose their expectations and experiences over are likely to deviate you from what you want. Your goal of being in a college can also be called a development phase of yours.

So, what do you think?

What is college life?

You will walk having a watch around your wrist, and then a beautiful woman would have her saree stuck in it.

Or going to the cinema with your friends or having chai at some random Naka during your college days will put you in a high-earning position?

Or just sitting at your study desk for hours and hours will get your bills paid in the future?

Trust me! None of the above can do anything to you for what you actually want in life if you still are stuck to the thought that only one of these can lead your way.

Because college life is no more just a one-time hustle of 3–4 years like it had to be in the older times, it’s not even about chilling out with friends, having a night out, or getting influenced by social media. It’s all about the perfect balance these days,

the perfect balance between your mind and soul, personal and professional life, and inner and outer world.

So, ladies, if you expect a man to play the guitar in front of your window, and guys, if you wish for a woman to pass you a smile while you do that. It will help if you think again.

Because times have changed, expectations are high, and hustle is real.

Moreover, if you still expect your professors to have thick glasses, thicker books, and the thickest stick, wait again! Because this is the time when no one will be at your back with a stick, eating your head to do something in your life, all you have to follow is ‘apna-apna dekh lo’ because it’s the high time of competition and literally no one cares whether you make it or break it! So if you think of a professor with a round belly and round glasses, that is where you are mistaken in this new world. Because now you will get an online professor and a handful of

PDFs and a magnificent cluster of motivational videos while surfing the net for study material.

If you are still on page 3456 of a 5 kg book, wait!

It’s not the 90’s, dude! Now, mugging up just doesn’t hold any place. It’s not the time to tighten your seatbelts; instead, there is a need to loosen them up for every practical opportunity you get. So even if you are on page no. Thirty-four of the book, with some applied and efficient knowledge, you actually are at page 345600 of the learning the contemporary world.

Hold on!

Are you planning for some government sector job and just taking college degrees as some easy road!

Are you trying to go back in time again?

Like c’mon! It’s not just a degree for what a college is now. It’s the complete one-stop for your overall development.

So next time you pay no heed to your college life or just take it over-stretched, recollect that it’s not the 90’s now, it’s the modern world of competition, and if you really need to take some chief position in your field of interest, you have to make out the best of every opportunity that knocks your door.

Good luck!




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